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Supporting small scale fisheries

The fisheries sector is divided into the large scale and highly capital intensive industry as well approximately 28000 fisher households in 147 coastal communities. A draft policy on small scale fisheries proposes ways to add value to the catch by small scale fishers including:
  • subsidy schemes for fish storage facilities
  • skills training in processing, packaging, marketing and basic business skills
  • subsidy schemes for establishing locally based and owned marketing companies
  • certification of fish products caught by small-scale fishing communities in an environmentally friendly manner (DAFF, 2010)
The draft Integrated Growth and Development Plan for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (IGDP) observes that “support and extension services are urgently required to support small-scale fishers” (DAFF, 2012: 26).

The new extension policy will draw on local,  regional and international experience to make this a reality. 

Click the image for a view of: What are the extension needs of the fisheries sector?
What are the extension needs of the fisheries sector?
Posted: 6/26/2012 (8:21:52 AM)


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