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Follow developments on Twitter

If you thought that Twitter was just a mindless stream of 'celebrity' babble you would only be half right. Twitter enables you to select who you want to 'follow' or receive Tweets from. This makes it a fully customisable tool for development communication which enables you to communicate and receive bite sized chunks of information which can also contain links to full text resources on the Internet.
To make use of Twitter go to and register an account. You can then choose which organisations or individuals you want to follow. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to a well know organisation working in the land and rural development field like the Institute for Poverty Land and Agrarian studies (PLAAS) and see who they follow and who follows them. You can then choose to follow any organisation that is relevant to your interests. If you find that some of the organisations tweet information that is of no value to you then you simply 'unfollow' them.
A tweet is limited to 140 characters so it's crisp and concise. Links to a web page can be embedded in the Tweet. Because URL's are often too long there are free tools like TinyUrl which take a long URL and compress it into a short string for inclusion in the Tweet. Just copy the URL from your browser at the top of the web page, go to and paste into the box and TinyUrl automatically generates a shorter link to the page.
We will be using Twitter and the extension policy website to communicate information about the policy development process. The great thing about Twitter is that relevant information comes to you rather than you having to go and find it. All you have to do is log in to Twitter and see what people you follow are tweeting. You can also respond to a Tweet directly and send a direct message.
If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download a free Twitter App so you can tweet and get information on the move.

Posted: 6/29/2012 (4:33:22 AM)


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