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Harnessing global thinking on extension with Twitter

So far all of our Extension Opinion Pieces are written by South Africans. This is good because we are drawing on local knowledge and there is much to share. But there is a whole world of experience out there - researchers and practitioners involved in extension and research in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. So how can we make better use of global knowledge and innovative practice? We are starting to invite our followers and make other connections to try and broaden the conversation.

If you are reading this because you received a Twitter invite or you got here by another route welcome to our site and the extension policy development initiative. We would like to hear your experiences and ideas about what works. You can register and contribute to the discussion by clicking on the register link. You can also write a short +/- 800 word piece and email it to us to share your ideas. We will publish this as part of our Extension Opinion series. If you have relevant research we will place a link to it.

You can also help expand the conversation by retweeting invitations and sending direct messages to any of your followers that could make a contribution.

Hopefully you will also find something of value from the research and conversation here which could be useful to your own work. 

Click the image for a view of: Rick de Satge: Extension policy dialogue facilitator @extensionpolicy
Rick de Satge: Extension policy dialogue facilitator @extensionpolicy
Click the image for a view of: Connecting researchers and practitioners through Twitter
Connecting researchers and practitioners through Twitter
Posted: 9/28/2012 (3:35:25 AM)


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