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Extension for what?

Late last year four hundred delegates at a recent international conference in Kenya (see the links below) developed a declaration which argued that:
Smallholder agriculture and family farming is the core contributor to agricultural production in most developing countries, and therefore vital for achieving food and nutritional security goals, for reducing poverty and improving livelihoods and for responding to climate change
Given the character of South African agriculture we need to discuss what should be the key objectives of state extension policy which will define its key focus?
  • Is extension primarily about poverty reduction, livelihoods diversification and reducing the vulnerability of the poor?
  • Is the focus on improved nutrition as a key component of primary health care?
  • Should smallholder producers - however these are defined be the centre of extension support?
  • Should extension services be focused on getting a return on state investment in land reform?
  • Should the state be taking a back seat and leaving extension to the market and private extension providers?
  • Should the state be creating an environment which extends the reach of private sector, NGO or farmer to farmer  extension  providers?
What is your position? Let us know where you are coming from. Share your ideas about the essential focus of extension policy in South Africa. Next week you will be able to register to participate in discussions on the site and we will publish stimulating pieces to open up this important national conversation.

    Click the image for a view of: Asking the right questions
    Asking the right questions

    Posted: 7/11/2012 (2:53:12 PM)


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