National Extension Policy
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Phuhlisani has been awarded a grant by the Ford Foundation to work with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and to engage all the key stakeholders to contribute to the development of a practical policy which addresses national extension and advisory service priorities across the three sectors.

Phuhlisani aims to stimulate a research led national conversation about extension. We seek to enable a collaborative policy development process which combines the perspectives of:

  • extension workers and practitioners on the ground,
  • researchers and sector specialists within University departments and research institutes,
  • organised agriculture, forestry and fisheries,
  • development actors throughout the agriculture, forestry and fisheries value chains,
  • commodity groups and co-operatives,
  • smallholder farmers and land reform beneficiaries,
  • government officials across the three spheres of government,
  • environmental and disaster risk scientists,
  • SETAs and agricultural education and training institutions,
  • NGOs and CBOs,
  • active citizens.

You will soon be able to directly contribute to the policy dialogue by registering on the site. Watch this space. Follow developments on Twitter@ExtensionPolicy

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