National Extension Policy
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Agricultural Extension

Resources relating to agricultural research and extension
ARC (2011) ARC Concept towards sustainable agricultural development
The Agricultural Research Council of South Africa takes a look at extension in the country, and outlines options for a new extension service

Extension policy research and dialogue reports

Documents from the background research and policy dialogue phases of the extension policy development process
A review of fisheries extension in South Africa
20120926 Hara Isaacs Fisheries Status Quo Final.pdf
A report by Mafa Hara and Moenieba Issacs - Phuhlisani Extension Policy team members

Key trends in international extension and advisory services for agriculture, forestry and fisheries
A literature review by Stephen Turner and Rick de Satge - Phuhlisani Extension Policy team

Status quo report on South African agricultural extension
2012 10 01 Worth S Agricultural Extension SA -Status Quo Complete.pdf
In depth review of history and current state of extension by Steve Worth - Phuhlisani Solutions Extension Policy Team member

Synthesis report and policy options discussion document
Report summarising background research documents and identifying broad options for national policy dialogue - Phuhlisani Extension Policy Team

The state of forestry extension in South Africa
20120926 Clarke J Forestry Extension in SA - Status Quo Revised.pdf
A review by Jeanette Clarke - Phuhlisani Solutions Extension Policy team

Natural resource management

Resources relating to the management of natural resources and their contribution to rural livelihoods
Will the real custodians of natural resource management please stand up
Shackleton 2007 Commentary South African Journal of Science.pdf
Charlie Shackleton argues for a Directorate of Natural Resource Management

NDA DAFF documents

Department of Agriculture key documents relating to extension
Strategy for Agriculture
NDA 2001 Strategy for SA Agrculture.pdf
NDA strategy document 2001


Presentations related to the policy development and dialogue process
International Trends in Extension
International Trends In Extension - National Extension Policy Workshop Presentation.pptx
As presented at the provincial consultative workshops October 2012

Presentation to Provincial Departments of Agriculture
Background on the policy development and dialogue process and role of provinces

South African Extension
South African agriculture and extension - National Extension Policy Workshop Presentation.pptx
As presented at the provincial consultative workshops October 2012

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