National Extension Policy
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Reaching the unorganised through community radio. Highlighting available forestry extension materials.
Rory Mack identifies potential for community radio to reach unorganised producers. James Ballantyne notes that good materials are available in Zulu and other languages.
Sharing ideas - connecting people Highlights from the discussion space No 1
Members are registering and starting to contribute to online discussion. An important thread is developing on the shortage of up to date extension materials for agro forestry.
Extension should adopt a livelihoods approach Extension Opinion No 8: Extension needs to be more about livelihoods
Charlie Shackleton argues that a sectorally divided approach to extension is doomed to failure as people depend on multiple sources of livelihood.
Natural resources make a vital contribution to the livelihoods of the rural poor: Picture: What about the woodlands and the contribution of natural resources to the livelihoods of the rural poor?
Charlie Shackleton asks who is responsible for natural resource management and how this function should be addressed.
Commercial plantations Transitions in the forest sector
An estimated 40% of plantations in South Africa are set to change hands from state and private ownership to black community ownership. Extension and technical support services are currently inadequate to manage this transition.

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